I'm Louise Griffiths - owner and principal Project Manager here at Left Brain Online Marketing. 

Left Brain was founded after a number of years as a online marketing consultant when I realised the HUGE need for launch and funnel management among coaches, consultants and other service based businesses. There seemed to be a lot of talking but not always a lot of actually doing! A common thread was definitely not doing everything they wanted to during their launches and in their online marketing and sales funnels. Whether that be due to time, overwhelm, lack of support or any other number of reasons.

You see, courses can be great. Having a coach can keep you moving forward. BUT at some point it actually NEEDS TO BE DONE.

Even if you have a team in place - online marketing projects can put a strain on their time and often takes them outside their comfort zone.

We are hear to fill that gap. Providing support, management and implementation of your launches, evergreen funnels and ongoing online marketing activities. 

​Most of our clients fall into one of two categories (or could be a little of both 😉 :

1. They are starting to see momentum in their business but with growth comes less and less time. Overwhelm seems to be a constant companion when it comes to staying on top of online marketing activities, and every launch feels like the straw that may just break the camels back! They realise it's time to get it sorted and finally set it up properly. No more adhoc launches and 'good enough' evergreen funnels.


2. Business is booming and they already have a VA and likely even other team members and contractors that support their business. When it comes to setup and integration, and/or the overall management of their launch however, they need someone more specialised who can dedicate the time to getting the elements set up right and within their timeframe. They need someone who can slot into the team and activities they already have in place and fill the gaps in their current launch team. That may just be someone who can manage the launch or someone who can just get the tech elements done - or both!

A Little More About Louise Griffiths

​Prior to founding Left Brain Online Marketing I was a Online Marketing Strategist working with coaches and consultants to management and implement their online marketing activities. Demand however saw me found LBOM so that I could serve coaches and consultants on a larger scale whilst bringing on specialists that could further enhance what we offer.

Prior to working full time in my own business I had a career in digital advertising in the roles of Online Community Manager (Social Media); Digital Producer (Project Manager), Account Manager, and Digital Strategist, previous to which I was also a Conference and Event Manager. Needless to say Project Management has always been in my blood and Online Marketing is definitely where I belong!

You can also learn more about me personally on my personal website at www.louisegriffiths.com