We love working with thought leaders, e-course creators and professional service businesses who have passion for what they do and customers that love them BUT when it comes to online marketing strategy, technical implementation, data analysis, and Facebook ads - they don't enjoy, have the time nor skill set to get it all done - even though they know it's critical to taking their business to the next level.

That's ​where we come in.

As left brainers we love this stuff! We are in our element supporting you to strategise and implement your online marketing with you. With ongoing support available to continue to grow your business month in and month out.

We also provide trainings should you want you or your team to develop a deeper understanding on the key areas of online marketing. The best people to learn from are those in the trenches every single day with clients in your industry!


Need someone to analyse and consult on your current marketing AND what needs to happen moving forward?

Then you're in the right place.

We will start by providing an in depth analysis of all your current marketing activities and results and then get on a strategy call to discuss improvements and new strategies for moving your business forward.

Everything we do is based on our Growth Marketing Framework of Traffic, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Monetization so not only do we review each area in depth, we will also advise which areas should be prioritised to create the biggest growth in your business.

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Want someone there with you month in month out giving strategic direction on what the data and results are telling you and what you should do next to increase results?

Then our ongoing support package is for you!

We start with a full Growth Marketing consultation (see above for inclusions) and once we have analysed exactly what needs to take place to move the needle in your business we are there to ensure that the momentum continues and the growth happens.

We provide strategic calls every single month as well as mid month 'check in' calls to ensure everything is on track and discuss any changes that are needed.

Not only that but we provide you with a reporting dashboard that will provide all the key numbers you need to be tracking in your business including new sales, advertising spend, new leads and more! The best part is we do this for you and analyse the results and provide the key insights so you don't have to!

This package can also be partnered with our implementation services (below) to ensure you have everything covered and you are growing month after month after month.

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One of the key to successful lead generation, customer acquisition and customer monetization is successful ads. Without ads that attract your ideal customer, it wont matter how good the rest of your marketing is, very few new people will find it.

We cover Facebook and Instagram ads in order to attract new leads as well as options to do content driven campaigns and remarketing.

We have options to work with you on an ongoing basis or project based such as during certain events, promotions or online launches.

We are highly experienced in ad creation and management and can assist with strategy and research into the best ads for your market and offerings.

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Without a consistent flow of new leads, your business is going to stagnate. Even if you have great ads, ineffective lead generation activities will mean it's just wasted money.

We can work with you to strategise the best lead generation activities for your business that will provide the highest quality leads for you to sell your services or online products to.

Lead generation is one of the keys to your businesses success - don't allow your business to miss out on new leads because you don't have a successful lead generation strategy in place.

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Whether you just need help with one particular service or you are launching your online program or e-course - we can work on a project basis to support you.

Best of all, if you need help to finalise what that marketing activity looks like - you can access our strategy team to brainstorm and strategise the game plan and then instead of it simply being added to you ever growing to do list - we just get on and do it!

It's really as simple as that.

We have options available whether you just need strategy support, just need technical implementation support or need a little of both. We have you covered. Reducing your stress and overwhelm and giving you the confidence and security that we are there to support you throughout.

This can be especially helpful for those launching online programs or e-courses because we know that many of you have a love hate relationship with the launch cycle that comes with these types of offerings.

A well performing, well planned online launch is so important to it's success and that 'light as air', euphoria feeling you get when you see it all coming together and the $'s start coming in is priceless. By the end of the launch though you are overwhelmed, stressed and more than likely sleep deprived. You ride every high, and every low.

It's funny how many people at this stage question "why do I do this to myself" and vow to find another way to sell without launching - trust us, there is no easy way. But there is an easier way!

If you are ready to have someone else take care of project planning and managing your next launch so that you can focus on what you love to do then this is perfect for you!

Together we'll map out your launch, create a master project plan, and implement everything you need support with (we even do Facebook Ads). We'll be there for you through your entire online launch to ensure everything is done right and on time.

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Technical implementation can be one of the BIGGEST headaches in your business regardless of whether it's the tech that runs your day to day business, your everyday marketing activities, evergreen funnels or those critical to an online launch. There is normally always a tech skill gap or a knowledge gap missing in any team you already have in place. 

The following is a list of the key technologies we work with and encourage our clients to use.

This list is not exhaustive, and we are experienced in others not on this list. So we encourage you to contact us if you do not see yours below. These are however our preferred pieces of tech

Email Marketing / CRM

  • ​Infusiosnoft
  • Active Campaign
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp

Land Page / Sales Page / Page Builders

  • ​Optimize Press
  • Thrive Themes / Page Builder
  • Click Funnels
  • Leadpages
  • Divi

Membership / Content Management Setups

  • WordPress
  • Optimize Member
  • Member Mouse
  • Member360
  • WishList
  • Access Ally

Ads and Analytics

  • ​Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion Fly
  • Wicked Reports

Payment and Commerce Providers

  • ​Paypal
  • Stripe
  • Samcart

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What Others Are Saying About Left Brain Online Marketing

  • Celest horton

- Denise Duffield-Thomas 

Money Mindset Mentor,

"I love working with Louise - she's so helpful for creating and executing complex project plans and plain old, getting stuff DONE and off my to-do list.

I recommend working with Louise if you want to professionalise your launches and really grow your business this year."